How to place our shortcut icon on the home screen (desktop) of

your iphone, android or tablet


iphone smart device shortcut home screen iconFor iphone, ipad and ipod touch:
1. Open up safari and go to
2. Once on the website, tap on the share button at the bottom of the screen which looks like:
share symbol on apple devices or share button - apple devices
3. Scroll to bottom of page, scroll sideways and choose Add to Home Screen from the menu. (the "Add to Home Screen" may only appear when phone is in narrow view. If it doesn't appear in the wide view, simply press "cancel", turn phone to narrow view and tap the share button again.

You can also bookmark the site by choosing that option from the same menu.

For Android:
1. From your web browser go to
2. Tap on menu button on the bottom of your phone that looks like:
android menu or android menu 2 or android menu 3
3. Tap on “Add shortcut to Home”.

Windows tablets:
1. Open the internet explorer browser and go to:
2. Slide your finger up from the screen's bottom to see the menu.
3. Tap the pin icon.