Issuing and Filing Court Documents


We would be happy to issue and/or file documents on your behalf at any courthouse. For Supreme Court, please include a cover letter addressed to the Prothonotary. Supreme Court administration staff may refuse to issue or file documents without a cover letter. The cover letter should include clear instructions such as: who you are, who you represent, indication that the out-of-Province lawyer has mobility, what you want the court administration staff to do, and include any file or reference numbers etc. The Prothonotary's office can be reached at 902-424-6900 if you have any questions.

Please include a cheque for filing fees made out to "The Prothonotary" in the exact amount. If you are not sure what the costs and fees are, you can go to the Courts of Nova Scotia website.

This information is for solicitors in other Provinces:

  • Include a cover letter with your intentions.
  • Include payment by cheque made out to “The Prothonotary” in the amount of $246.80 (tax included). This price includes the $28.75 cost of the law stamp.
  • Law courts administration will generally keep the filing(s) for two days. They need to verify if the lawyer has mobility.
  • If your law firm has any other questions, call court admin/Prothonotary’s office at: 902-424-6900 (if no one answers, leave a message for them to call you back).