Issuing and Filing Court Documents

Yes, we can file your documents at the courthouse. But before we bring them down to the Law Courts, please read the following:

For ISSUING and FILING in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia – Law Courts - Halifax, Nova Scotia:

1. Here are the filing fees in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. Please note that these fees may change from time to time. Cheques are made out to: "The Prothonotary"

2. You can also go to the NS courts website and find Civil Procedure Rules, costs, forms etc.: NS courts website

3. Please include a covering letter to the Prothonotary or Court Administation, and multiple copies of the document(s).
A covering letter sets out what is being filed and any specific directions or requests of court staff regarding the documents. In addition, please include in the covering letter contact information for counsel including phone number, fax (if applicable) and email.

4. If you have any questions, contact Court Administration and they will answer all filing questions you may have: 902-424-6900 or 902-424-6901 or 902-424-6909 or 902-424-6912 or email them: